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Classic Tiffany Wedding Inspiration

Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration | Classic Tiffany Weddings

Tiffany wedding inspiration photos always give us a serious case of wanderlust. The feeling is reminiscent of Snow White entering Disney for the first time. Synonymous with elegance, sophistication and style perfection, true Tiffany has always been a natural choice for wedding colors. We’ve seen it perfectly complementing gray, white, blush and coral. On a few occasions, we’ve seen them with red or blending well with rustic table decor. But if you’re like us, we like the timeless beauty of classic tiffany-themed weddings. We’ve put together an inspiration board that newly-engaged couples can draw insights from. But first, let’s take a quick look at the real Tiffany color.

True Tiffany Color

The real Tiffany color is actually a variation of the pale turquoise color. It is not blue as many people assume it to be. It sits somewhere between the blue and green spectrum. On its company website, Tiffany & Co. shared the following photos, elegantly displaying the moment that this iconic color premiered to the world–through its catalogue. “The color known as Tiffany was selected by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of Blue Book, Tiffany’s annual collection of exquisitely handcrafted jewels, first published in 1845. Also referred to as robin’s-egg blue or forget-me-not blue, this distinctive color may have been chosen because of the popularity of the turquoise gemstone in 19th-century jewelry. Turquoise was also a favorite of Victorian brides who gave their attendants a dove-shaped brooch of turquoise as a wedding day memento.

Original Tiffany color | Photo from Tiffany and Co

Classic Tiffany Wedding Inspiration

Albeit a gorgeous pick for a wedding color palette, it can be very challenging to put together a design ensemble that’s inspired by Tiffany due to trademark reasons. Tiffany, Tiffany Blue and Robin Egg Blue are protected as color trademarks by Tiffany & Co. The workaround here is to search for wedding table decor, bridal dresses, and table linens inspired by this color. For wedding invitations, it will be helpful to know that the hex code for Tiffany is #81d8d0. That already is a helpful clue for brides and event planners–that this shade is neither blue nor green but it sits somewhere between these two colors.

Tiffany Wedding Inspiration

To achieve the timeless sophistication that’s associated with this Hepburn-popularized gift packaging, try a soothing and subtle palette of tiffany and white or tiffany and ivory. If you’re into nudes and neutrals, this color should also blend well with matte champagne. As always, the key aspect is knowing what floral and tablescape accents to use that will help bring out the classic elegance of Tiffany. When searching online, use search terms such as aqua spa napkins, pale turquoise, light turquoise and robin egg should be helpful. Ordering fabric swatches and material samples before buying tiffany table linens and wedding decorations will always save you from making purchasing mistakes.

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